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Thrilled for sales

Yummy Christmas food and New Year’s Eve crazy parties are not the only reasons why I’m inhumanly in love with winter break. If you live in Italy and you’re a woman you probably already know what I mean. SALES, baby! The first week of January is literally the best time of the year because every single store, from the biggest malls to the little vintage shops gives the opportunity to humble fashion lovers like me to buy any kind of items from this season for less. I can’t even describe how thrilled I am because I’ll finally be able to get my hands on all the things I’ve been craving for since the season started without spending a fortune.

My goals are more than clear.

  • Chunky knits and lace have undeniably been my obsessions for a while so one of the first thing I’ll be looking for when I cross the automatic door of ZARA or Stradivarius are a cozy sweater in neutral tones and a precious lace dress that I can wear on Saturday nights to go clubbing with my friends.
  • I am an unbeliavably faithful  fan of earrings (ask any of my friends: I turn into a potential killer everytime I lose one and I feel naked when I am not wearing them) and I currently need a pair of big earrings to make me shine like Beyoncè even when I am wearing my usual jeans-cardigan- boots combo. I hope I’ll find something studded or floral and incredibly beautiful!
  • The loyal purple wallet that I’ve own for over a year is literally falling apart. It’ll be sad to replace such a good investment. The first options that I’ll be looking for are lace or floral but I wouldn’t mind a new wallet in a bold color so I’m ready to see what the sales offer me.
  • I’m also looking for a pretty circle scarf  in a strong color and it wouldn’t be bad to find a long-sleeved sweater dress to wear to school with my chocolate boots: I’m looking for something simple yet chic that I can pair with oxfords and knee-high socks as soon as the weather gets a little warmer.
  • Last but not least, I want a bag. It’s been so difficult to find the perfect piece to replace the vintage leather tote that I got from a neighbor this summer! I am in love with satchels (you can infer it from my gravatar) but since I obviously can’t afford a Proenza Schouler unless I sell my soul to the devil, I need something less pricy with the same geometric shape and fantastic allure.

Cross your fingers for me!

cravings 2
cravings 3

What are your thoughts about my current fashion cravings? Any advice?




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