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Neutrals. Lace. Red tops. And red carpets.

I hate to admit it. Every time I promise I will write on a regular basis I get overwhelmed by my stressful routine. So I end up analyzing boring Math functions insted of posting. I end up watching the most stupidly hilarious shows on TV while reviewing my history notes, instead of posting. I even end up procrastinating for hours, instead of posting.

Fortunately, when I opened my wardrobe this morning at 7 a.m. before the scariest Math test ever, I had the good inspiration.┬áNeutrals. They are invading my closet. They are invading my life. And, guess what? I’m loving it. After the sales started, I was lucky to find most of the items I had craved for since the beginning of winter. I usually am a “bold colors girl”: I love strong yellows, intense greens and I own all shades of purple. But when I walked through the automatic doors of Stradivarius and H&M I understood that there was something about the softness of neutral tones that was calling me. They are delicate. Classic. Good for winter. And always sophisticated. I love how cozy and chic my new beige chunky cardigan is (it’s very similar to the one in the middle of the second row). And I adore the simplicity of the cream tee I found at Zara the other day.

neutrals obsession

When neutrals and lace (clearly my latest obsessions) meet, it’s pure heaven for me. I got a long sleeved top with lace shoulders that I think I will marry when I grow up!

lace obsession

It was even better (how could it get better when you find the top you’ve seen in your most pleasant dreams? I thought I was going to cry!) when I found the same top in red. Here’s a peek of how I looked when I wore it for an informal dinner at the Chinese restaurant with two of my best friends: I chose to pair it with blue jeggings and chocolate boots.

Last but not least, the Golden Globes. What did you think about them? The red carpet was wonderful as usual but I was a little disappointed by the abundance of sequins and sparkles. Many of the outfits (Olivia Wilde’s, Carrie Underwood’s, Anne Hathaway’s) were stunning, but so unbelievably and sadly boring. My personal favorites were Dianna Agron and Leighton Meester.

Glee’s evil cheerleader looked like a queen. Those curls were the most beautiful frame for her naturally gorgeous face. The dress was stunning. And the necklace was fabulous.

I usually am not a big fan of Leighton’s fashion choices but this took my breath. Wow. Those shoulders. Those sleeves. The color. Plus she had a great point of strength: she was unique. It wasn’t what we’ve seen a billion times. It was new and effortlessly chic.

So what did you think about the Golden Globes’ red carpet? What’s your current fashion color? What’s your latest fashion obsession?



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