HP7: May I Say How Amazing It Was?

Ta dah. I told you. I wasn’t joking when I wrote that I have too many things to say. So, guess what? Four hours after writing my first blog post ever I’m already back. May I say how awesome, inspiring, surprising, perfect Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows was? OK, I’m not going into details but wow, is it even possible that a story is so freakin fascinating? I remember getting my first copy of a Harry Potter book ten years ago. I was so excited and I thought that it was the best story ever. Can you believe that my heart beat at the same rhytm as it did when I was nine and I went to see Harry, Ron and Hermione looking for a philosopher’s stone? I don’t know what it is about that woman (in case you’ve never heard of her, she’s known as Joanne Kathleen Rowling). And I don’t know what it is about this novel. What I know is that everytime I see Daniel Radcliffe or Emma Watson on that screen or I re-read for the twentieth time my favorite chapters from each book, I understand why literature is the most powerful art on Earth.

Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real? – Albus Dumbledore from ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows



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I would like to say all sorts of things. For now it will just be welcome

Finalmente. Dopo dodici anni di parole sospirate ad un diario, frasi calcate su un compito in classe o versi scritti per qualche concorso di poesia quella testarda della mia mano destra si è finalmente decisa a scrivere in rete. Di cosa parlerò? Di tutto ciò che passa per quell’apparecchio complicato che si trova all’interno della mia scatola cranica. Potrei dedicarmi alla mia passione per la musica indie. O commentare gli impeccabili outfit della mia musa Alexa Chung. O convertirvi all’adorazione delle borse vintage. O elencarvi tutti i motivi per cui ritengo che Mulan avrebbe dovuto vincere almeno una dozzina di Oscar. O semplicemente deliziarvi con aneddoti della mia vita con quelle scimmiette pelosette dei miei amici. Lo so, ho troppe cose da dire. Non posso farci niente. Per ora mi limiterò a dire che sono una diciottenne di una cittadina lombarda che si nutre di sorrisi, numeri di Marie Claire, brani casuali che vanno da Bob Marley all’ultimo pezzo di Katy Perry, e fin troppe passioni. La più recente? I One Night Only. Che voto date a “Say You Don’t Want It”? – Il fatto che nel video appaia Emma Watson e che io tra esattamente ottanta minuti debba andare al cinema a vedere Harry Potter e i doni della morte non è del tutto casuale 😉 –

Finally. After twelve years of whispering words to my journal, of sentences put on a school essay and verses written for some poetry contest, that stubborn thing that is my right hand finally decided to write for a blog. What am I gonna talk about? Well, about everything that goes through the complex machine that is inside my skull. I could devote myself to my passion for indie music. Or maybe analyse all those perfect outfits that Alexa Chung, my muse, is always wearing. Or maybe tell you all the reasons why I believe that Mulan should have won at least twelve Academy Awards. Or simply talk about anedoctes about my life with my crazy friends. I know, I have too many things to say. I’m sorry. I can’t help it. For now I’ll stop myself and just say that I’m an eighteen years old girl living in a northern Italy town that can’t survive without smiles, issues of Marie Claire magazine, shuffle songs that can be Bob Marley’s or Katy Perry’s and way too many passions. My latest? The One Night Only. Here is the video of  “Say You Don’t Want It”. How do you like it ? – the fact that the lovely Emma Watson is in it and that I’m seeing Harry Potter and the deathly hallows in exactly 80 minutes is not too much of  a concidence by the way 😉 –


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