Cozy sweaters and hot chocolate

I AM OFFICIALLY FREE. For real. No physics homework to do. No German philosophers to study. No French poems to analyze. Nothing! Today is my first day of Christmas vacation and I’m so happy that I don’t know what to do with myself! These three months of school have been so full of work (and I think you could see it because, ehm, yeah my last post was like a century ago–sorry about that!) that really I couldn’t enjoy vacation more deeply than I am right now. It’s also a little sad because this was my last time saying “Merry Christmas” to my classmates: I can’t believe how fast these five years of high school have gone by and I don’t wanna think about how weird it will be next year when we will all be in different universities. But it’s Christmas, right? Definitely not the good time to be melancholic or sad. In my vocabulary Christmas equals energy, smiles, hugs, family, hot chocolate, good movies and cute, cozy clothes. Talking about winter fashion, may I say how much I’m in love with this season’s chunky sweaters? They are pretty, incredibly chic yet so warm and cozy. I was shopping with two of my best friends yesterday and I’m convinced that H&M and ZARA were conspiring against me and my wallet by showing me all those atrociously cute chunky knits. Here’s a small collection of the kind of warm sweaters I’m craving for this Christmas season.

There’s also another reason why I believe they embody pure perfection: they go with everything! My favorite option would be a simple sweater with a sophisticated skirt, but I also think chunky knits work beautifully with dark pairs of jeans and warm boots to go out or leggings, slippers, a hot chocolate and a Disney movie to stay on the couch on a cold day!

Are you in love with chunky sweaters? What is your favorite winter piece? ARE YOU SUPEREXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS?



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2 responses to “Cozy sweaters and hot chocolate

  1. These sweaters look so, so, SO terribly cozy. I want one! Enjoy your Christmas break. 🙂

    xoxo Hannah

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