Miroslava Duma: Pure Awesomeness

Confidence? Check. Unbelievable style? Check. An awesome job that involves writing and travelling around the world? Check. This woman owns everything that I woud like to have when I grow up. And most importantly she’s my current style crush.

Since I noticed her photos on fashion blogs and magazines, I’ve been completely spell-bound by her figure. Her style is wide-ranging but always stunning. She can go from classic and preppy to tomboy, from rock-chic to hippie and bohemian but she always manages to have undescribable charm.

And that’s not all. Have you noticed how she’s genuinely smiling in every picture with a naturalness that we rarely see in celebrities and fashion icons? Have you noticed the confidence that she shows? Miroslava Duma was an editor for Harper’s Bazaar and now is a freelance writer for numerous publications such as OK Magazine (Russia),  Tatler, Glamour, so she obviously has constant contact with the fashion world. However she’s never afraid to express herself with a very individual style and she clearly personalizes what she sees on the runways instead of copying and pasting like many It Girls like her do. She’s such an inspiring, interesting, independent working woman.

What? Are you thinking what I’m thinking? That she is STUNNING? Yeah, in case you haven’t noticed, I sort of agree =P

Have an awesome weekend everyone!



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2 responses to “Miroslava Duma: Pure Awesomeness

  1. I hadn’t really noticed her style before. Thanks for showing off how fabulous she is!

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Just love Miroslava’s charming, natural smile and of course, originality in her own personal style. I would bet behind those great smiles is a genuine kind-hearted person. It shows through!

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